UK Koi Rescue started out due to a family friends relative had passed away and had some Koi carp and Gold fish and she was going to throw them in the local river! so we took it on our self's to rescue these fish! We have over 20 years experience in handling fish.

 Rescuing fish isn't as easy as you think, there are many processes we need to do before releasing them into lakes and local ponds.


We have to quarantine these fish for over two month to make sure they do not have any parasites and disease's, we have many large outdoor tanks and the room to look after these fish.

What do we do with the fish? We re home them with the local estate lakes,schools,local maintained park lakes. They all go to a great home 

If you have any unwanted pond equipment and pond plants we do take kind donations to help us expand this on going works to help look after these fish this also helps with the fuel costs. 


We have a fully equipped  Van with tanks in and running oxygen so the fish are absolutely fine during transport!